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Day 1 Paleo Challenge

So today begins a month long challenge of a sugar detox paleo challenge. I am limiting my sugar intake to natural sugars that are already in fruits and limiting that to one serving a day. 

I decided to start my day off by sleeping in. I think I needed it! I actually slept in til about 9:00am! That never happens! Nice way to spend a Friday off of work and volunteering. Since I still have yet to set up my internet at my apartment I made a little trek down to a local place called ThymeSquare Cafe. Definitely a local gem… I love it. They support local farms by purchasing their produce from them. As well as local meat farmers and they even smoke/cure their own meat! Pretty much paleo, and I don’t have to cook. I like to treat myself to the leisure of someone cooking for me once in a while. 

I begin my day with the Two Egg breakfast. 
2 eggs scrambled w/ onion and green pepper

side of bacon

side of fruit 

side of potatoes as well, will be running and working out tonight. As well as doing a 5K run tomorrow morning. I think I will need a lil carbs. 

So I did well on my sleeping and breakfast. A good way to kick off the day and the paleo challenge. This will be a difficult month, but I will be strong. I just have to remind myself how great I feel when eating clean! 

Food just arrived. Fill you in a little later on the rest of the day. 

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